Its been a minute and I’ve been keeping things busy. Here are a bunch of projects that I have put out over this fall season. The following are personal projects and does not include any of the addicting slow motion footage I have been playing with at work. However, once it is ready I will be sure to share all of its gross/greatness.
University of Alberta Lacrosse – 3rd Annual Invitational

university of alberta lacrosse

University of Alberta Lacrosse

More photos can be found HERE
Young Diplomats of Canada (yfid rebrand) – I am working on the website currently
young diplomats of canada
Quirky Promo for a Halloween Event

TERROR @ THE BOWER, OCTOBER 31 2013 from waughwaugh on Vimeo.
A Film Written/Filmed/Edited in 24h for the Edmonton International Film Festival

- trust me its harder than you think

CRUMBLE from waughwaugh on Vimeo.

But it turned out pretty well.
Here is a teaser of what is to coming down the pipe
glidecam 4000 with vest

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While in the office, a discussion broke out about the effectiveness of YouTube pre-roll advertisements. Our best solution was to do some primary research.  Create a 30 second bit, buy a small amount of Ad space (which is surprisingly inexpensive) and track the results.

Thus GELS (Gender Equality Little Spoon) movement was conceptualized. Pulling together our collective resources we created a 30 second video, voice over + soundtrack, logo, website, and social media platforms. The research is ongoing, but here is the video.

The website is www.genderequalitylittlespoon.com

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2013 Edmonton Burger Throwdown

culina, the common, mosh burger

A showdown, a throwdown, between Culina, The Common, and Mosh Burger (as seen in order above). $9 landed you a sample slider of each burger – an overwhelming amount of meat for anyone at this years Taste of Edmonton Festival. Both judges and  festival goers cast their votes for the best burger in the city.  This year Culina’s lamb burger took the Judges Choice Award and Mosh Burger took the Peoples Choice Award.

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Today’s photo was taken on the Golden Jubilee Bridge overlooking Big Ben. Scottish defiance has been historically strong, but now more than ever since the Scottish National Party took power in 2007 and a landslide majority in 2011. Follow my blog via email or on twitter @thewaughwaugh to catch the daily photos as they unfold (whatever they may be).

london, big ben, scotland sovereignty

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In Calgary for the night before I head off to London for the Youth G8 Summit. Figured I would snap a couple pictures of how destructive the flood has been. Tomorrow I will go out again before the airport and see if anything has changed (ask first if you want to use the photo)

abflood yycflood

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Dancing is something I have never associated myself with. Yes, on occasion I hit the D floor in the club, but never with any seriousness or pride in my ability. To be quite honest, this video is probably the first time I have ever witnessed a full version of how my body flails around. Its pretty hilarious actually.

The video was put together for a dance video contest held by my bank. It was based on a public vote, and although the winning video had a generous 80 views in comparison to my 3200 – so is the nature of online vote based contests. Thus, I received second. Well second, and a strange notoriety as being someone who associates dancing with their self-image.

If anyone is curious, the smoke bombs are made by Enola Gaye and can be purchased in Canada from Rocket Fireworks. I still have a couple left if anyone wants to buy some locally – email me at cdg.waugh@gmail.com or text me if you have my digits. Additionally, the video editing plug-in used to convert 60fps to super slow motion is Twixtor. I found it far superior to Final Cut’s Optical Flow for this particular shot, however you need to insure that the cost is justifiable. In my case it is well worth it.

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